Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Cast Off and Adrift

I've finished my socks (well, practically, I just have to graft the toe). And I'm in that place I hate so much, without a current commuter project. I'm a bit tired of socks. Hmmm. I could re-knit a Flashy Glove. (I lost one last winter, this way I would have a pair again.) Hmmm. I think that's it. I'll have to search for the yarn, of course.

Well, now that I have that decided, I feel much better. And look what turned up today (YS was using it as a flat surface for writing homework on. I properly castigated him.) Oh, how I loved this book! I remember I especially wanted to make this sweater:
I'm not really sure why. I also remember I was so poor at the time that even buying the absolute cheapest of cheap-o acrylic was too much money for me to spend on it. So I never made it. But I have sympathy for people who can only afford to buy yarn at Wal-Mart (but I didn't even have that option) or Michael's. And I worked at a yarn shop where I could get yarn at cost! And I still couldn't afford it! (Dave and I were both working 2 or 3 jobs apiece at the time to make ends meet. Don't try to tell me you can get by on minimum wage! But I digress.) Ah, just look at that 80's hair! Takes me back to the days when I was really cute! Ta, ta, I'm off peruse and relive my youth....

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Celtic Queen said...

Yeah I remember that time. You would always "magically" show up when Grandma made chicken. :)