Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Unfaithfully Yours

For the first time in a long time I've been unfaithful to a book. I'd been reading A Game of Thrones for awhile now, and struggling with it the whole time. I don't know, it just seemed so...sad. After Memoirs of a Geisha that made two sad books in a row. What I really wanted was a happy book. So I succumbed and started on the Herriot books. And I'm much happier for it! Hopefully a bit of lightheartedness will bring me back to an appreciation of George R. R. Martin.

I'm still knitting the same sock. But I have to knit a baby sweater in the near future. I'm trying to decide which one. I'm thinking maybe Pea Pod (if I can find yarn in the stash). Celtic Queen made one, and Heather made one. I've succumbed to the peer pressure. There's also Devan, which has the dual advantages of that I have the yarn in the stash and it's a newborn size (baby will be born in October). But I've already knitted it three times. Ho hum. There's also Cottage Creations "Babies & Bears" sweater, another tried and true contender. And finally, EZ's "Our Best Baby Sweater" knit several times, but I could always dust off the BGW's and trot out a new lace pattern. Hmmmmm.

Well, gotta go, Older Son is having a teenage angst ridden meltdown. Wouldn't want to miss that.

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