Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Short Post

Here's the latest sock in progress, Beach Socks I resting on the solution to my wardrobe dilemma. I discussed it with a friend at work and she agreed that I should get some shorts. I looked at lunch to no avail, but then I was early enough off the trolley that I had enough time to pop into a nearby store and get some exercise shorts. They fit nicely under my skirt and my modesty is now intact. (Darn it!) But they sure do feel wierd.

In other news, Celtic Queen has finished a sleeve and almost a back of another Celting sweater. She's on fire! And she even had time to work out at the gym! She and the Celtings met me after my PT (the gym is in the same building). I will say however, that the Celtings were looking a bit scruffy. I was relieved, because it meant she hadn't been replaced by a Stepford wife. But I gotta get me some of whatever she's drinking!

And finally, Dave wore his Ugly Shirt today. He hadn't worn it in awhile. Sometime I'll have to tell the story of Dave's Ugly Shirt, it's a good one!

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