Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dave's Ugly Shirt

Since it's Tuesday, I'll tell the story of Dave's Ugly Shirt since it happened on a couple of Tuesdays long ago....

It all started when Dave decided to go clothes shopping by himself. He arrived home one day and informed me he had bought himself a shirt.

"Really?" I asked in apprehension.

"Yes," he announced proudly and pulled the shirt out of a shopping bag.

"That's a really ugly shirt." I said.

"You're just saying that because you didn't pick it out," he sulked.

"No, no, I'm saying it because it's really ugly." I replied. "I guess you're not going to take it back?"

"No way," he said. "I really like it."

"OK look like an idiot if you want to, but don't tell anyone I picked it out." I shrugged and let it go.

It happened that at the time Dave co-hosted an acoustic open stage at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern. So he decided to wear his Ugly Shirt to perform in. Well, remember when we had that Tornado go through Pittsburgh several years back? Yeah, it was that Tuesday night. It seemed even the cosmos thought it was an ugly shirt. Dave arrived at the BBT and discovered there was no power and ended up having to perform in the dark. When he got home I said to him, "So I heard your shirt was so ugly they turned out all the lights."

"There was a power outage," Dave said.

"That's what they told you," I replied. "They just didn't want to look at that shirt!"

"You'll see, this is a great shirt and everyone else will think so too!"

Dave wore the shirt again the next time he performed. Standing there on stage, he launched into the story of how he had picked this shirt out himself and how his wife had disparaged it, saying it was ugly. He went on to say that I was just saying it was ugly because he had picked it out himself. He says the guys in the audience were just eating it up. Finally he asked, "So what about it -- all you guys, is this a great shirt or what??" And the place broke out in cheers and applause. Flushed with his success he shouted, "OK, you women out there, let's hear it. What do you think of this shirt??"


So there you have it, the story of Dave's ugly shirt. (Yeah, he still wears it. Yeah, I still think it's ugly.) HA! And a final commentary - it's so ugly Blogger won't even upload a picture of it!!

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Celtic Queen said...

He wore it on Tortado Tuesday? That part I didn't remember. :)