Monday, August 14, 2006

I'm Back!

And as usual my vacation wasn't long enough! We had a great time, though. Younger Son was so happy to see me! (And me him!) My first photo is of me in the Airport. I sat down and proceeded to graft my Hot Shrug together while waiting for my flight to Florida. Everyone was commenting about how cold it was, so as soon as I finished I slipped it on!
It was the perfect weight, I felt great!

We spent the week relaxing, it was wonderful! I think YS was a bit bored, though. But he caught a couple of lizards. (And then released them.) We also spent some time at the beach, and he had lots of fun collecting shells. (Despite his expression -- that was because he didn't want his picture taken.) I enjoyed seeing my sisters. I was crying going through security because I didn't want to leave.

I started Physical Therapy today and it was torture! I have the same hottie my dad had. All I can say is -- good thing he has such amazing blue eyes, because I was tempted to punch him in one when he manipulated my shoulder. He says the process is going to be very painful. How painful, you ask? When I did my assigned home exercises, I was in so much pain I felt like I was going to throw up. Really. And I have several more months of this to look forward to. What joy.

So to make up for all of that -- I came home today to a package from my Other Secret Pal! Yippee!! There're socks for me!! And they fit perfectly! I love them! A big boo to Blogger for not letting me upload the picture. Tomorrow, I promise! I'll describe it now -- I got some great socks, and amazing sock yarn (in a navy colorway, my new color obsession), some "Happy Birthday" jellybeans, and some "L" post it notes. And here's what's amazing - someone at work had gotten me some that had a "G" on them because there were no "L" ones at the store, but I was generous and gave them to my friend who didn't have any (whose name started with "G"). Now I have some "L" ones! See, it pays to be generous!!


Heather said...

welcome back! you were missed!

Bobbi said...

I'm glad to hear that you liked the socks and (more importantly) that they fit. From reading your blog it seemed that you were making lots of socks for the men in your life but very few for you. Enjoy!