Monday, August 21, 2006

Still Here

Still hanging around. Nothing much to report. My torture session was cancelled on Thursday (wishful thinking does work!). I've been struggling along with my stretching excercises in the hopes that the next session will be less painful. The stretches are painful enough. My hope is that the Sadist will say something like "Wow, you've really been working hard! You deserve a night off. How about some cake?" What do you think?

Saturday I was feeling under the weather (a bad migraine). I was too sick/sore even to knit, so I spent most of the day in bed reading. Sunday was taken up with errands and more reading. Some knitting on the bus today, I've just finished the gusset on Beach Socks I. Meanwhile, Celtic Queen e-mailed me to tell me she finished a little Big Sven sweater over the weekend. At the birthday party last Thursday she showed me the sweater she was just finishing for the Smaller Celting for Christmas. Christmas knitting! Already! I'm a slacker!

And finally, I come to you all with a wardrobe dilemma. WHAT should I wear to PT? My work clothes? (Really, I don't have time to change.) And I know this is wierd, but -- I don't own any shorts, or pants (sweat or otherwise). This has never really been an issue before. But I'm in PT not only for my shoulder, but also for my knee (we just haven't worked around to that portion of my anatomy yet). So I imagine eventually therapy will involve some leg lifting and manipulation. Kinda hard to do politely (ahem) in a skirt. Should I buy some shorts? Make CQ come on an emergency shorts run? (The appt. is at 6:15!) And should I wear the shorts under my skirt? I'd feel wierd wearing them to the appt, but there really aren't facilities there for me to change. Should I even care? The guy's a professional (and a hottie), right? So ok, maybe some sweat pants and a t-shirt...


Heather said...

you could look into some capri lenght knit pants, kinda like for yoga or working out... I have a couple of pairs, they would fit into your bag and slip on easy in the should be able to find a pair at Target or other similar place, but I know you wouldn't go to Walmart... :p
look at these from JCPenney's|28434 12bucks!

Celtic Queen said...

In my defense, while the Christmas knitting is really PRE Christmas knitting. The boys sweaters MUST be done so they can wear them for holiday photos. So that means I'll have enough time to do my own overlarge sweater. :)