Thursday, September 01, 2005

I See You

Dave sent an email and then called today to tell me that he can see my blog. Hurray! I don't have to move it! He can sneak in through his work network. But he wants me to stop saying unkind things about him in the blog. (Uh - I shouldn't have said that.)

But now I really do have to watch what I write. Sooo, no blogging about the state of Dave's musical equipment (Your brother has that! I'm sure of it!), or his collection of clothes from High School (I'm sure you took those to China with you, they must have lost them in the laundry!), and absolutely nothing about my new boyfriend (We're just friends, really!).

In Knitting News, I'm almost done with my Fluffy Pink Scarf. I should finish up tomorrow sometime. I don't think I'll take it on the bus, since I'm so close to being done. I'm thinking I'll start some cotton socks for Sara's boys, she won't knit them cotton socks. But I will, because I love them. I'm going to the yarn shop at lunch tomorrow to try and get some sock yarn in the local football team colors to make this sweater. I'll try to post a pic of the scarf tomorrow when it's complete. In the meantime, I present these:

I called this poncho design "Poncho Printemps" since I made them in the spring. There are two, they were made for twins and are ~ a size 2. (Good way to use up left-overs). They are meant to be worn as outerwear -- no big holes.

I liked the design so much I made another. This one is about a size 6, and I included the crochet hooks in the picture to provide a bit of scale. This was made for our God Daughter. (Notice the loop stitch border instead of fringe, I think it looks much neater, and used less yarn. I ran out on the second twin poncho and was a bit traumatized by it.)

I know the twins wore theirs, since their mother told me they did (I used to ride the bus with her. The ponchos were made as a result of a chance comment by her that she couldn't find any matching ponchos for them in the same size.) Don't know if the God Daughter ever wore hers. C & C -- let me know!

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