Friday, September 02, 2005

All is Well

First, A Notice: Dave has notified me that he has turned in his expenses, so all is well.

A Busy Day today. Not just work-wise (which it always is), but for knitting. I finished my pink scarf. Yes, it is what it is. A gift for a beloved friend. I think I'll write a little "piece" to go with.

There were three of us working with yarn on the bus home today. Me, and two crocheters. We were all sitting in a row, too. A little boy told me he thought my scarf was ugly, (he much preferred the blue yarn the crocheter at the other end of the line was working on.) Then I asked him to feel it. He loved it then. He asked me to make him a sweater out of it for his birthday in two days. Except in blue. I didn't make any promises.

I also got to go to the yarn store at lunch. I bought a couple of skeins of this yarn, which will stripe in the colors of the Local Sports Team:

I will use it, along with some plain black I ordered from KnitPicks catalog (along with other stuff, more on that later) to make this sweater for a lucky newborn. And speaking of that sweater I'm currently making it in some Lion Brand Magic Stripes yarn in the Denim Stripe colorway. I love this yarn, and the local discount yarn place had it on sale for $4 a skein! I stocked up. You'll be seeing a bit of it. I may make a matching blanket.

I also started some socks for some boy. I have Sara's oldest in mind, but I didn't exactly have him to hand for measuring, so I guessed for the stitch count. They'll fit some boy, some time so I'll make them. They're cotton and surprisingly similar to the colorway above, execept I have to do the striping myself, the old fashioned way. I'm doing a "Not Really Random" stripe sequence which I will explain in a following post. You'll have to tune in next time for more details. Can you stand the suspense?

And, it will be a long wait. I'm leaving town tomorrow and paying way to much money for gas to travel to the scenic Laurel Highlands for the weekend. I'll be back Monday afternoon with pictures. (I hope!)

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