Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Dave's Travelogue, Episode IV

This was sent 8/25/05 and is Dave's impressions of Anyang, where he's working in China.

In the store they had a nice electric guitar for 500 yuan = $60. I bought it. It claims to be a fender Stratocaster, but I’m not so sure. I like it.

Yesterday they knocked down the building next to us.

Today the (ditch? chasm?) in front of our door became a lake. Dunno where the water came from, but it drained away before quitting time.

I always have to find a new path into and out of the mill. They dump scrap wherever. There are no reserved pathways.

Amazingly, they are building new buildings, yet they look old and dilapidated from day one.

The people are nice. The food tastes good. A lot of people stare at the white guy.

Another co-worker is about my height, weight, complexion, age, and hairline. All gringos look alike.


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