Saturday, September 24, 2005


So I was tooling around the 'net today looking for Shetland yarn for the making of Fair Isle stuff. And I found this site: She Ewe Knits. I was debating getting some Jamieson's (look at the shades. Impressive, no?) And it's a home based business, which I like. THEN, I clicked on the designs, and found this, the Windsor Waistcoat designed by Lorraine Condotta. I'll put it next to a picture of Older Son.

Freaky, no? I of course showed it to OS. He even thought it looked like him. What can I say, I bought the kit.

And in other Knitting News, I got my first Secret Pal Package! Woo HOO! It came yesterday but the Bad Boys tossed it onto the floor and I missed it when I rushed in and out of the house on my way to Knitting Group. Lookee what I got:

Sock yarn and a pattern for toe-up socks! When they saw it the Bad Boys changed their attitude. They're now vying to be the Boy Who Gets Those Socks. OS is next on the list for socks, but YS argued (with good merit) that he appreciates his handmade socks better. We'll see what happens....(The color would look better on OS, but then, he only ever wears black.)

And in our next installment of Legos Take Over the Earth... I awoke yesterday to find this:

Two Lego Guys on the back of the toilet. Look closely, one of them is wearing scuba gear. Should I be worried?

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