Monday, September 05, 2005

I'm Back!

Well, we all made it home from our weekend adventure. We ended up leaving Saturday afternoon and got there just before dinner. We stopped for gas on the way and had a late lunch of sandwiches. It was different driving just by myself. Good and bad. Bad because I couldn't knit (I had to drive.) Good because we could stop at Dairy Queen for ice cream, and I didn't have to ask. Not that Dave would tell me we couldn't stop, but if he was there and driving, I'd have to ask him to stop. It was kinda nice just deciding to stop and then doing it. I had a Key Lime Pie Blizzard. Younger Son had a cone

And Older Son had a slushy (he's looking all Dark and Mysterious here) .

And, we saw THIS:

A life-size turkey. Wearing a hat. Hanging on the wall. Oh My. You can't see it, but the high chair is directly below the thing. Oh yeah, just what I want hanging over my baby...

We had a great time away, the weather was perfect. We walked to The Point.

And to The Cross

These sites may look surprisingly similar to you. They Are Not. They are Completely Different. Completely.

Younger Son went to the Rock Slide with his uncle. I couldn't go. I can't stand it. Too nerve-wracking for me. Imagine dozens of children (and not a few foolhardy adults) running around and sliding down a streambed of rocks as slick as ice. I'm surprised they're not lifeflighting kids out of there several times a week with broken bones. There truly must be a Special God for children. But YS survived, and I did too, tho I think I have a few more gray hairs...

The Sons played a very rowdy (as usual) game of spoons with their cousins and uncles. OS is bruised from diving over the table to grab spoons, but we're happy to report he only received minor cuts. Both boys lasted longer than I expected. OS was first runner-up.

Dave called while we were there, which was nice. He got to speak to a few of his brothers and sisters and his mom, which I'm sure was a treat for him.

I started on cotton socks in red, white, and blues. They're pretty wild looking. Maybe pics tomorrow.

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