Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I Peaked Too Soon

I was having a fantastic day today until 6:00AM. Everything was going great. Late last night I decided to try my desktop one more time, and it worked great! McAfee deleted a file, and then I started it scanning. I fell asleep before it was done (it was very late) and when I woke up the computer was still running. Yea! That must have been the file that was causing all my problems! McAfee wanted me to turn off so it could complete an upgrade. No prob, I turned off the computer, and went for my morning walk. I felt great, energized and finished in record time. I even lost a pound! Today is shaping up to be great! Took my shower, got dressed and then turned on the computer. I wanted to get the firewall installed asap. And .... it froze. Same problem as before. Tried to start in safe mode, and now the screen display is all gorpy. Got to work and it just kept going. TWO big projects that were done have resurrected themselves and are sucking up my time, and my leg is suddenly all stiff and sore so I'm limping around. I peaked too soon, that's what it was.

And how about that Secret Pal? I've heard from mine and she/he has already found my first surprise! I feel like such a slacker. Ummm, sorry Secret Pal O' Mine. I thought about you today. Does that count? I've gotta get on the ball here! Don't wanna look bad. Gotta keep up!

I'm still knitting the Red, White, and Blues socks. Still no pics. I'll go grab some.
This is the first pattern I ever wrote. It's the Baby Jester Hat and you can link to the instructions here or here. The second pattern I wrote was for these:
Per Cent Socks
You can find that pattern here or here. (These particular socks were knit with my first ball of Opal.)
As you can see from these two pictures my color preferences can be a bit ummm extravagant, let's say. Ok, I got some pictures up so I don't feel like a total slacker. Tomorrow I'll try to pace myself......

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