Monday, April 02, 2007

Skein, Skein, Skein, Skein of Love

First things first. Heather, Celtic Queen and I went to see Yarn Harlot and have her sign our books on Friday. I missed most of her speech, as I was otherwise occupied with one of the sons. But I did get her to sign my book, and to talk to her, and CQ and I presented her with some swag.

Which she seemed genuinely excited about, as only a knitter could truly be. (They were knitter themed items.) We got to hold the sock, too.

Yesterday, I met up with Heather and we did some food coloring/Easter egg dyeing. (That's Heather's skein. Notice how neat it looks?)

Here's my skein. See the mess?
We had a couple of cute helpers, too. (Notice I made a bigger mess than the boys.)
Here are my first two skeins, that I tried to rainbow dye in my crockpot by crushing Easter egg dye tablets and sprinkling the powder on the yarn, then adding just enough water to cover. I used six different tablets. The water turned brown. The skeins are kinda brown too. I've heard people say this works. Obviously I'm not a believer. The skeins are ok, but definately not what I was going for.

Next up my attempt at a self-striper. I need to work on my winding off technique for this. I wound off sections of 6-24 yards of yarn and dyed them yellow-green, green, and turquoise. The yarn was brown to begin with. I think this may have actually worked, but I'll need to untangle the skein to find out.

Finally, my "Spritzer" yarn. The guys helped with this. I was trying to go for a spotty yarn (you know how I am about the spotty yarn), the guys and I used spray bottles to spritz color on the skeins. The colors bled and merged during the dyeing so they're not really spots anymore, but don't they look great?? It makes me think of a watercolor of a field of flowers.


Heather said...

I bet when you knit it up it will be speckled... Thanks again for a great afternoon. I was so tired when we were done! I think the Mister took after the spots on the Air Hockey table. It seems much lighter! :) Can't wait to do it again!

Celtic Queen said...

The spritzers are very Impressionistic. Made me think Seurat more than Monet. I ws distracted the whole way home with ways to dye yarn.

hollyboc said...

I love the yarn you dyed. It looks great! I've always wanted to do that but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I think I have the naked yarn somewhere. Always good intentions and no follow-through!

Donna said...

The yarn is really pretty. I just dyed yarn on Sunday too! Only one skein. My hubby and I layed it out and just poured the colors on. I also just got some dye yesterday and nekkid yarn so I may be dying again soon.