Monday, April 23, 2007

More Socks in Socks

I finished the "Stick a Sock In It" socks on Sunday. I handed them to Older Son, who immediately put them on his feet. They are in the laundry now. I really like the Star Toe. And (this is so cool!) as an added bonus because I knit one sock inside out -- the shaping on the toes are reversed -- the socks are right/left oriented. How cool is that?! Pictures after they've been washed, I swear!

Pictured here is the second pair of Socks in Socks. Again, I had trouble with the ribbing. This is (at least for me) the hardest part of the socks. Too bad it comes at the beginning. I'm going to keep making these until it becomes second nature to me. I love this murky guy-colored yarn, and I had two balls! Perfect for the technique at hand. These were a gift from my Other Secret Pal. I think they're perfect for this sock. I've modified by dropping down a needle size and casting on a few more stitches. Like I said, I'm going to keep at this until I've perfected it.

Thinking about MDS&W. I won't be buying (much) yarn. (I'm reserving the right to call this my "Get Out of Jail Free" purchase.) I've been doing the "Knit from Your Stash thing for 4 months now, and I have to say I'm not missing the new yarn. In fact, I'm a bit overwhelmed with projects still. Go figure. But I have to do some lace swatching/designing this summer so I will need some plain lace weight yarn at the very least for swatching (this is allowed under the "Knit from Your Stash" charter).

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Heather said...

oooh-ooooh! did you say designing lace?!?!? Not that anyone would be anxious, not that anyone herself is overwhelmed with projects, not that... did you say swatching for lace?!??!?