Friday, April 13, 2007

Knitters 1, Rude Store Managers 0

I've been waiting to post about this since last week. I wanted to work it out privately first, before posting here. (Although I think that all three people who read my blog were there!) Anyways, last week at our knitting group the manager at the bookstore was pretty rude to us.
We arrived to find that the staff had set up a table and folding chairs for us, and had removed the regular chairs that were normally in the space we meet. We weren't really thrilled, but whatever. But then, when Carly and her guy Taylor brought back one of the chairs this guy came over and made a nasty remark to us about it. (He asked us not to "steal the chairs", although he later denied saying it.) Well, I got a bit steamed, and asked him why the chairs were removed from our use. He claimed there had been complaints about not being able to get to the bookcases (blatantly not true) and then proceeded to say that allowing our group to meet there was "a privilege, not a given." He kept repeating that the store had to "consider customers", even though I kept repeating to him that we were all proven customers, and that we spent $$ in the store every time we met there. It just wasn't getting through. So I left determined to speak to the head manager this week. (Zeeppo spoke to him earlier in the week and reported that he was completely unapologetic about the incident, so I was prepared for battle. Literally. I had flyers ready to pass out in which I implied the store personnel were Nazis. My husband said he was embarrassed to be associated with me.) After evading my calls for a few days, I finally managed to speak to the head manager this morning. I don't know if Zeeppo or someone else who was there got to him, or if Dave warned him I was on a rampage, or what; but when I spoke to him he was completely apologetic. He apologized for the guy's behavior last week, told me the guy was "completely wrong to say that," and even went so far as to say "I think he was frustrated with dealing with the teenagers in the store and took it out on you. Which was definately wrong and he absolutely should not have done." Now, I don't think everything is all sweetness and light. The guy obviously wasn't happy about having to apologize to me, and it was very apparent to me that he's not thrilled with having our group meeting in his store. So we'll discuss options when we meet next week. BUT, it was also obvious to me that he recognized that we were not to be trifled with, and furthermore he definately had the sound of a man doing something he really didn't want to do but that he knew he HAD to do it. So whatever the reason, Mr. Store Manager realized that KNITTERS are a force unto themselves. Yeah! We represented!


Teen Knit Rock said...

GO LAURIE! I say again, Borders is sooo much better! And how true that we stick together as a group! The knitting circle, UNITE! I hope that is spelled right.. :) Well, anyway, I hope they've learned their lesson about how TRUE customers should be treated. I mean it in this way; We show up to that store every time and yet you don't favor the ones who always come, you just expect us to come. You know what- We are customers too! I think if I got too close to one of those guys, I'd start to give off a little too much steam.. And yeah, my mom or Taylor would be embaressed, but I expressing my feelings and demanding to be treated right! So there mr. baldy sweatervest! :D <<33 Knitting

Patricia said...

Way to stick it to The Man, Laurie! Sorry about your experience, hopefully you will work out a solution.

Stephieface said...

There is a force in the world that all store managers must bow and heed to..... it is called..... the Regional Manager. A visit from a regional manager will have a store's staff twisted in knots for days. If you really don't feel that you reached some satisfaction with the store, contact the Regional Manager. You are not only just meeting there, but you do shop as well. Explain your situation to the Regional Manager, refer him to the Yarn Harlot's tour to show him the powers that knitterly be that he is possibly losing over someone's "bad day".
If you receive the same stone cold reception of unsatisfaction from the Regional Manager....... there is always..... The Divisional Manager.