Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Early to Bed

I'm trying to get to bed (and to sleep) early tonight. So of course my positioning myself horizontally prompted a parade of boys through my bedroom with last minute requests. Younger Son had almost a bit of a meltdown because he could not accompany me to work tomorrow for "Take Your Kid to Work" day. I explained that I would love to have him come to work with me, but that I needed a bit more lead time since I had to get my boss' permission first. And what's this with "Take Your Kid to Work"? This was supposed to be Take Our Daughters to Work" Day. Doesn't this whole generic "kid" thing defeat the original purpose of the day?? Why can't we have something special for girls? (Well aside from the great shoes.)

Anyways, here's the current Socks in Socks. I'm happy to report that in the bright light of day (well, at least what passes for it here in Pittsburgh -- right Heather?) this morning, I could not detect my repair from last night, so I must have done better than I thought. Even the wonky stitch seemed to have relaxed back into line with its compatriots overnight. I finished the ribbing and have started on the leg. Nothing much exciting until the heel. I'm considering working up a class/workshop for this technique. If enough people are interested, I could be teaching it at Steven's fiber festival next October. Also, I was thinking today (inspired by Heather's Worsted Weight Socks) that it would be easier to start off on bigger needles and worsted weight yarn. Also, much easier to see what you're doing if you're working with a self-striping yarn - with the stripes misaligned, of course. Hmmm, self-striping, worsted weight...Can you say Noro? I'm thinking I may have to get some to try this out. No violation of Knit From Your Stash here because a) It's sock yarn (even tho I've exempted myself from this loophole in other regards) and b) it's yarn I need for a specific project and c) If I give a pair away, they're gifts. I think I need to try out both the Kureyon and the Silk Garden. And maybe some Paton's Soy Wool Silk (just for comparison's sake, you understand) and maybe that new Keltic yarn I've been seeing in the catalogs. I bet I'll see some of that at MDS&W.

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