Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Night Off

I'm posting this post to say I'm taking a night off from posting on the blog. How's that for surreal? Kinda makes you thing of Waiting for Godot, doesn't it. Anyways, I'm pretty tired, and there's nothing to see here except more ribbing. Wait, wait..OK I just remembered, there is something to see. I messed up on the ribbing and have to fix. Hold on, I'll get my knitting and the camera...

Look! My socks are stuck together! Oh no! What will I do? Here's a closer shot of the joining. I'm not sure exactly what I did (I think I knit a stitch with the wrong yarn).
To fix it I find the offending stitch(es -- this time it was two) and follow them back up to the needle then pop them off and unravel to the joining. Separate everything out and ladder the stitch(es) back up to the needle. Easier said than done. After half an hour or so of wishing you hadn't started this when you were really tired and had poor lighting, you get this:
All the stitches back on their needles and just one wonky looking stitch in your ribbing, which you decide you can live with.

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