Thursday, April 19, 2007


Well, I have discovered the cause of my big ladders in the Stick a Sock In It socks. It's a geometry problem, as I thought. I'm not sure if I can adequately describe or picture it, but I'll have a go at it. Because I was purling, I was carrying my purl (facing) yarn up from underneath my right needle to purl the first stitch on my left needle. Because of this, no matter how tight I pulled the yarn, I was always wrapping it around the right hand needle, and the diameter of my needle was what was making the ladder.
BUT, if I pull the working yarn over my right hand needle to make the first stitch, I can snug it up right close to the previous stitch, with no needle in the way -- the ladders should disappear. I'll keep you posted. As with most things, when I finally paid attention to it and really looked, I was able to figure it out fairly easily. I'm knitting to the toes of these, and liking the technique more and more. If the Star Toe works out, this will become my preferred method of working plain socks, especially where I have two balls of yarn.

And check out the latest entries in the Walker Treasury Project. Some lovely lace leaves...

Nothing much else going on in my life. Getting ready for MDS&W/summer/college.

I wasn't going to mention it, but I can't help it, and one of the reasons I have this forum is to talk about things no one here listens to (which just happens to be knitting 90% of the time.) First off, NBC was wrong, wrong, wrong to go public with this "manifesto" and every news agency that picks it up is wrong as well. Hundreds (thousands?) of disturbed people are watching it and thinking "Yeah, all I have to do is shoot some people and they'll listen to me!! I'll can make them listen! I'll be famous, everyone will know who I am!" Duh... Let's make mass murder a ticket to celebrity. Second, every single bio of this guy mentions he was a victim of bullying. And not just any bullying. They say things like "frequent bullying", "common target for bullying", "severely bullied". When are the people who are entrusted with the care of our children going to grow up and face the reality of what the consequences of bullying are?? I hope the principal of this guy's high school spends some sleepless nights over this, because he/she definately deserves some of the blame.

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librarylass said...

I agree with you on the whole news corporations choosing to show this guy's tape on air. Though I've not seen it myself, (I am in Australia, we have heard that corporations are showing the tape but not seeing it ourselves.) it does send a wrong message to would-be vengeful people.

However when it comes to bullying, I have to disagree. While schools do have a responsibility to curb bullying to the best of their ability, there is still a huge problem with students unwilling to report the bullying. Teachers may suspect that a student is getting harassed, but unless the student says something, there is nothing that the school can do. Sucks doesn't it?