Thursday, April 05, 2007


I'm back. I had connectivity issues yesterday, and then got very sleepy. I fell asleep shortly after 7:00 and slept through until this morning. I had a great day yesterday, I had to take off and take my dad to a doctor's appointment, and after that was done I called Heather and met up with her and her son for lunch and then some knitting. I made her knit on her cardigan for herself. A very enjoyable day!

On the way home from Heather's I stopped at the bookstore (I was driving right past, and I remembered I had a gift certificate in my bag). Apparently Harlequin has jumped onto the knitting bandwagon. (Does anyone else feel it was only a matter of time before Harlequin or someone like them wrote a romance novel with this title?)

Winter has returned here. It was almost 80 on Tuesday, and it looked like spring was finally here last weekend. I awoke this morning to snow.
Here are the same daffodils today. Lovely, eh?

And finally, I've completed the first of my socks, and cast-on the second of this pair. They are a birthday gift for the Elder Celting. I think they may be too big, but he's a boy. He'll grow into them.


Patricia said...

My dafs are also lying on the ground comatose. I'm kicking myself for not cutting and "saving" some, I hope they spring back before it's too late.

Julia said...

Hey Laurie!
Nice hanging out with all you fiesty knitters tobight! Here's that Barbara Walker link-

Donna said...

love the yarn for the socks. very colorful!