Thursday, April 26, 2007

I'm Tired of Being Nice

I was kinda cranky and tired of being nice. I'm really tired of being nice and not even getting a simple acknowledgement that I'm being nice. You're not entitled to my politeness, ok people? I'm tired of letting other people go in front of me or stopping and letting the other car go (we have alot of narrow streets that allow parking on the side thereby squeezing the road to a single lane here) and getting back that "Well, I'm entitled" smirk in return. I think the best was the woman who sauntered into my way while I was rushing to get into the store and then was too busy mouthing off about me cutting her off "Well you could say excuse me!" to hear me saying "Excuse me". Arrrgh!

So I was fuming about the rudeness of others and how no one appreciates politeness or courtesy but just take it as their due and give nothing in return and then I saw a rainbow on my way home. Ok. I guess I can be nice. One more time. This one's for you Heather. Just what you wanted. So everyone go hug your kids and tell them you love them and they'd better be nice to that weird knitter lady with the flyaway grey hair because she's got some mighty pointy sticks!

Oh yeah, and the Socks in Socks look like this now.

That's a Forest Gump feather on them. It was there when I picked them up, honest!


Heather said...

no, no, you misunderstand. everyone is soooo nice here. and gee, it's the most livable city (if you can say it with a straight face) And you at least don't have to worry about my kids...they love the crazy lady with the dyes! It is now the first thing they mention as a great way to spend a Sunday. you rock!!

Teen Knit Rock said...

Thank you for helping with the dropped stitch, I tried that, but I kind of lost another in the process... So I got to drive to Bloomin Yarns, and they helped me, and I also got some nice new yarn. I'm making a hat out of it. Once I get a battery for my camera again. See you friday!
And cheer up, lots of people like pointy sticks, I'm one of them :)