Monday, April 30, 2007


Since I won't be at Knitting this Friday (Celtic Queen and I will be on our way to MDS&W) Heather and I got together Friday night ostensibly for knitting, but really we ended up doing beading stuff. I did actually knit one needle on the Socks in Socks and I did give Heather her birthday gift which was beaded knitting, so I guess that's the segueway. We stayed up way too late, ordering bead stuff on the internet (I'm betting that Heather's Mister doesn't follow my blog.) I made these earrings for Heather. Along with various other beady sundry. We were trying for pins, but needed thicker wire, hence the internet ordering. We'll have to get together in 2 weeks for more beading, Heather!

Then yesterday, in what can only be described as some kind of knitting frenzy, I became obsessed with casting on and knitting with this yarn. (I included my cell phone for scale.) The yarn is from Woodland Woolworks, it's 8/2 cotton, and it's in their weaving catalog. (It's so thin they don't list it for knitting at all. But it comes in a million colors, and is really cheap, only $16 a pound for colors and $11 a pound for natural, which would make a lot of socks. I'll keep you posted on how it works for socks.) I have a pound of it. (I actually have almost 3 pounds, a pound each of black and grey and just under a pound of natural.) I bought it with the intention of doubling it to make a nice weight sock knit on size 1 needles (my normal sock knitting.) But yesterday I was gripped by the urge to cast-on and knit with it singly on my size 000 needles. I knit enough to discover that, yes, it will knit up ok on the 000s but would probably do better on the 0000s, and then came to my senses this morning and decided not to knit socks that required over 100 sts per round. I'll cast on double with the black and grey together maybe sometime later in the week. UPDATE: I just checked my Yarn Barn of Kansas catalog and they have the same 8/2 cotton in 1/2 pound put ups for less! Only $4.50 for natural and $7.25 for colors. Also 1 lb cones for $10.50 for colors. Watch this space for a review.

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Holly said...

Getting caught up on my blog reading this evening. I hear you about the "nice" thing. For the most part, it doesn't pay. In fact sometimes it gets you in trouble... ask me how I know this..ugh. All of your socks looks great but I can't believe you would even THINK to knit socks on size 000's. Yikes. I'll be at MS&W on Sunday. I'll say hi if I see you.. again. :-)
My Dad loved to grow sunflowers. I see sunflowers everywhere I turn now. I never really noticed them much before. But I'll be planting a bunch of them this year.