Tuesday, April 03, 2007


First things first. I took advantage of actually being home when it was light outside and took this picture of my current work in progress in "natural" light. (As apposed to the washed out over exposed flash pictures I usually present here in the blog.) I noticed that all the really good bloggers use natural light. I'm trying to improve myself. (Is it working yet?) I'm obviously working on some socks. Love the colors in this yarn. The clear red and that glowing yellow just suck me in. Not too keen on the way it knits up, but you can't have everything, can you?

If you look closely on the right in the picture you can see a long-lost Secret Project. I had lost one of them when it was half completed. (I thought I left it on the bus.) Not a huge loss, I had more yarn, and was able to complete my Secret Project (which was a gift) no problem. But still, I had to re-do all that work. So of course today I looked down while getting ready and thought "What's that on the floor half under the bed?" The fact that it took me almost two weeks to find it doesn't say much for my housekeeping skills. But, in my defense, my bedroom has very poor lighting (I'm always leaving the house wearing a black skirt and navy tights/shoes or vice versa) and this yarn just melds right into the patterning on my bedspread and bed skirt. In fact, I picked it up and put it on the bed and then had trouble finding it again. And, too, there was a basket of laundry there that I was (finally) putting away this morning and moved out of the way a bit. But then we're right back to me and my dodgey housekeeping again. I'm glad to have it back, if only because with the yarn used for it I now have two full skeins of Koigu and can knit myself a pair of socks.

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