Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Christmas Cables

Yarn? Check
BGW? Check
Needles? Check
Barely intelligible scribbled instructions? Check

Yeah, baby we're ready to start knitting the Christmas Cables sweater! Inspired by KnitPicks Amhra'n Gra' I decided to make Younger Son's Christmas sweater a collection of cables. I got Dave and Older Son to find my yarn and BGW Treasuries, picked out 5 great cables and I'm off the races. Well, I'm swatching. Depending on how things look I may be adding in an extra 4 st cable. We'll see. That's what swatching is all about.

Feeling better today. My knee is much less painful, and I can almost put weight on it! Work was better, but everyone still makes fun of me, and I still feel guilty about asking my minion to get me coffee. BTW, I came back from my surgery to find out he is leaving at the end of the week, so I'll be interviewing in the weeks to come. Fun.

We have about 5 pounds of Halloween candy left over. I ate so much candy today I'm sick. You know, what we tell our kids not to do.

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