Tuesday, November 07, 2006

More Cables, No Crutches

Here is the Christmas Cable sweater. The cables here are (moving out from the center): in the center the lovely Wheat Ear Cable, then the Little Plait, then the Horseshoe, then the Triple Gull Stitch, then the Aran Braid, then the Coin Cable. All except the Aran Braid are in BGW's First Treasury. The Aran Braid is in the Second Treasury. It's interesting to note that I have chosen a couple of cables that are twisting every row (Little Plait and Aran Braid). I like these alot, and the Wheat Ear twists every fourth row, still pretty tight for a 3 X 3 cable -- Think I might be wound just a teensy bit tight?? The yarn is Chaco, a no-name worsted weight wool I got for I think $1 or $2 a 100gr ball from Little Barn at MDS&W.

My Physical Therapist says I don't need the crutches anymore. In fact he laughed at me and told me I was more of a hazard with the crutches than without. (It's all that grace and coordination.) I'm still a bit leery and fearful of re-injuring my knee, so we agreed that I'm going to use a cane for a couple of days. And I have a rash on my leg. Well, it started on my leg, but has spread to my other leg and my arm. I called the surgeon, but his office says it's a matter for my PCP. I'll call them Saturday morning. Which I think is stupid. I could call now and have them schedule me for Saturday, but nooooo. They can't schedule an appointment for me for 6 weeks (and that's for a weekday, not a Saturday). BUT, if I call with an emergency on Saturday, they'll see me then. Makes sense, right?? Meanwhile, I probably have some hospital incubated super resistant to everything staph infection.

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Heather said...

Maybe it is just heat rash from the balmy 60 degree weather...cross my fingers for you... you just don't cross your legs... ok I will stop now, I am laughing at my own lame jokes.