Monday, November 20, 2006


Sorry, no knitting pictures today. I'm working on the back of Christmas Cables, which Surprise! looks just like the front. I started the back on Friday, then again on Saturday when I realised that I could not reliably count to 8, let alone any number over 100. But I finally managed it and now I have my cable patterns set up and am cruising along.

No pics because Older Son has my camera in Washington DC for his class trip. He says he won't be taking any pictures. Makes me think he's up to something. He also says he didn't buy me a souvenir in his allotted evening of shopping. I believe that.
As part of this trip he'll be attending a performance at the Kennedy Center. We had quite the discussion about appropriate attire (especially shoes) for the Kennedy Center. I suggested his suit, but he insisted that because he's attending a comedy, the dress is much more casual. So we finally settled for his grey dress shirt, black twill pants, and dress shoes.

Finally, a couple of observations from the weekend. Rachael Ray is everywhere! I saw her face on no less than 4 magazine covers. She has what? 3 or 4 TV shows running? And she's hawking everything in the grocery store. I'm starting to feel like a total slacker because I can't deal with the one job, one house, one husband, two kids, one dependent parent. And also -- what's up with Honey Bunches of Oats cereal? It's like the CSI of the grocery cereal aisle. There is something like 5 or 6 different variations on it. I have trouble finding the 'plain, regular' version for the boys.


hollyboc said...

My daughter loves Rachel Ray. She also loves to cook and watch cooking shows. I am totally clueless. I've never seen it. I'd never want my family to catch me watching a cooking show. It would be just plain cruel to have them get their hopes up.

Heather said...

That is so funny, I thought the same thing at the store yesterday, too. I was thinking that in 20 years we are going to look back and she is going to be the face that my children associate with food. Like Betty Crocker, or something.