Monday, November 06, 2006


I've started the Christmas Cables sweater. I spent the weekend babying my knee, so was able to get in plenty of knitting. I had to add two more cables, I added the Horseshoe Cable (for luck) -- actually two of them, one on each side. I needed a little more width. The total width of the front is 19.5" (so total circumference of sweater will be 39"). I've knitted up the first skein (of 20, so I think I'll have more than enough!) so far. This is going to be a simple drop shoulder style.

My Clapotis is coming along, I've started on skein 6, which is the last skein before I start decreasing. So I hope to get it done this week.

My knee is feeling better, I was able to put some weight on it today. I'm starting to be frustrated about all the stuff that is not getting done around here. The guys have not been as helpful as I would have liked. Although I did get some vegetables (asparagus) for dinner tonight (but I had to ask).


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Wow, what a lucky kid to get all those cables!! I only give my mister one and wonder why I give him that much...