Thursday, November 09, 2006


Jean Miles posted yesterday about the old UseNet group rec.crafts.textiles.yarn and it got me thinking about when I discovered the on-line knitting community. That was back in '96. I posted pretty regularly on r.c.t.y (and r.c.t.n., but that's another story), and even wrote the first FAQs for r.c.t.y. (Wonder if they're even still around?) I joined the KnitList too, but that was when the List Nazis were in full swing (I'm sure she's probably a really nice person, but one of the major reasons I haven't gone to Knitting Camp despite my love for all things EZ and Meg Swansen is because Amy Detjen is involved in it.) So I didn't stay in for very long. That was around the time that Rick Mondragon was banned from the list. (Every time I read one of his "Letters From the Editor" columns I think about how the KnitList shot themselves in the foot on that one.) But for the most part, I liked the on-line community. Started a couple mailing lists myself, did an exchange or two. Then life got busy (I moved out of the country for awhile, then went back to school and started working full time) and I cut back. I picked up again in 2002 and discovered the world of knit blogs and on-line knitting magazines. And here I am writing about my knitting most days.

In other news, my dad is doing okay. I stopped in and saw him today after PT. He's sore from his fall, but doesn't seem to be seriously injured, so I'm relieved. We're getting him a lift chair this weekend (he slipped pushing up from his chair) and he's using his walker around the house.

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