Friday, November 10, 2006

Clapotis Movie Conferences

On the knitting front, I have not worked on Christmas Cables today. (I may after I'm done posting here, though.) I am almost done with my Clapotis. I have 'turned the corner', if you please. BUT (Cue the suspenseful music)
This is all the yarn I have left. Will it be enough? Will I have to rip back all my decreasing plus another twelve rows? Will I be forced to buy another ball of yarn and use only three feet of it? Only time will tell. Tune in next week for another exciting episode of As the Stash Grows.

Big plans for the weekend. Younger Son turns 13. (How the heck did that happen??) We are planning to go out for breakfast and then to the movies to see Santa Clause III. One of our biannual trips to the movies. I was surveyed last weekend on my movie habits and it didn't seem so pathetic until I said it out loud.

Survey Guy: Have you been to the movies in the past 2 months?

Me: No.

SG: How about in the past year?

Me: Yes.

SG: How many times have you been to the movies?

Me: Once.

SG: sounds a little desperate Does anyone else in your household go to the movies? Your children, your spouse? (Like I don't know who else lives here.)

Me: No. We go to the movies twice a year. We went in May and we'll be going again next weekend.

SG: sounds a little freaked out Ok, uh, thanks for your time....

But it's true -- we go to the movies twice a year. Once for Older Son's birthday in May and once for Younger Son's birthday in November. (We saw X-Men III for OS's birthday, btw. This is just a year of IIIs, I guess.)

Parent/Teacher conferences today. Two solid hours of "I really like him, he's a great kid, but..." Not too bad. YS has improved, OS is holding steady at commendable. If we could only push YS into the doing well category. And I had to get a key for the elevator -- no stairs for my knee! I kept telling teachers to call me. I felt like Blondie...

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hollyboc said...

Oh my gosh... parent conferences. The fact that I no longer have to attend those is what makes life worth living. I remember the first one I went to for my son.. when he was in kindergarten. The teacher (who later became one of my best friends) said, "Well Mrs. O'Connor, the truth is that Michael is a leader. It's where he leads them that's the problem."
I endured 12 years of conference hell after that. The good news is that college seems to be his thing. Who knew??