Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Unlikely Santa

There I was, knitting away at Christmas Cables on the bus, when a kind of scruffy looking guy (in a red hat no less!) came and sat down beside me. "Oh, I used to do that!" he announced. "Yeah, right" I thought to myself. But I said, "Yeah? That's nice," politely. "In, over around, off; right?" he asked. "Yeah, that's it," I said, smiling. Then we lapsed into the silence of commuters on the bus for awhile until he caught my eye and asked "Do you have any little ones?" "Yeah," I said, "but they're not so little anymore." "Well," he said, "You can take this for them, I got it for free, and it won't fit me." And he pulled out a brand new sweatshirt with the Grinch on it. I offered to pay him something for it -- it still had the price tag on it, which read $19.93. But he refused. I told him I'd pay it forward, and he agreed. And then he wished me Happy Holidays and got off the bus.

In other news, PT was extraordinarily painful for me yesterday. I told The Sadist that my shoulder was sore -- it was feeling like it did way back when this whole thing started. So he made me lay on my stomach and he twisted it up behind my back. It hurt so much I felt like I was going to throw up. He kept saying "Are you OK?" and I was trying not to groan or scream and mumbling "Yeah. I just need a second here." That will teach me to open my big mouth. Also, I went to the gym at work today and spent 10 minutes on the bike and did my wall squats with the big ball. And I also did another exercise The Sadist had me do -- I put a medicine ball between my knees and squeezed it while lifting my feet up. I had to go sit on the bench in the locker room because there was really nowhere to sit in the gym and besides, it's not really the kind of exercise I wanted to be doing in front of all the guys working out, you know? Some young girl walked in while I was doing it and looked at me funny. Hello! I'm weird! And of course now I'm all sore and achy. And do you think I could whine some more about having to exercise?? I'm so not the gym kind of person.

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