Thursday, November 02, 2006

Swatch Watch

This is the state of the swatch for the Christmas Cables sweater. It's actually the whole width of the front/back of the sweater. I was initially thinking that I'd make this sweater the same way I did The Celting with no ribbing, so that this could be the front if it worked out to be the right width. But as I'm thinking about it, I decided that I wanted a nice twisted rib, so I'll have to start over anyways. I've got a couple other cable patterns ready to go so I can augment if it's not wide enough (I guesstimated that just over 100 sts in cable patterns would be enough). The patterns are: From BGW Treasury I Coin Cable, Triple Gull Cable, Little Plait, and Wheat Ear Cable; and from Treasury II Aran Braid. Each cable has 2 stitches in reverse stockinette around it (BGW did that) and there is one twisted stockinette stitch between each of the cables. The set up is as follows: Coin Cable, Aran Braid, Triple Gull Cable, Little Plait, Wheat Ear Cable, Little Plait, Triple Gull Cable, Aran Braid, Coin Cable. I'll knit a couple three four inches and measure the width to see where I want to go. Hopefully I'll be done swatching and started on knitting the sweater front by the end of the weekend.

And Clapotis! A veritable black hole of knitting. I keep buying more yarn and knitting and knitting and knitting and the dang thing isn't anywhere near being done! It tricks you with the decreasing and increasing and moving markers around every couple of rows so that you think you're making progress, but really you aren't. This is skein #5, and by my estimate I'll need at least 2 more skeins, maybe 3 (it will take one whole skein to decrease). CQ has graciously agreed to take me to buy more yarn tomorrow, before Friday Knitting at Barnes & Noble. So come and check us out. I'll be the one with the crutches.


Celtic Queen said...

You lie! I was not gracious at all. I have my own devious plan to pick up more yarn for my own black hole of the FIL's gansey.

hollyboc said...

I love my clapotis. Actually I have two of them. They do seem to take forever to knit. And you do need a LOT more yarn than the pattern calls for. I can't believe they have never corrected that. I haven't come across anyone yet who got it done with the amount of yarn called for. Love the colors you chose.