Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Holiday Prep

For no reason, here's a picture of Dave and I, circa 1988. We look so young. See what having kids does to you?

I'm getting ready for Thanksgiving. Not really. I worked 9 hours today under pretty stressful conditions, and I'm whupped. (I also went to the gym and rode the bike and did squats again [whine, whine].) I have side dish patrol at my Mother-in-Law's. Thankfully someone else is making the turkey. I'm trying to get Dave to find out what time dinner is tomorrow. Also, whether or not I need to bring the green bean casserole. It's just not Thanksgiving without it. Something CQ and I were discussing today. She's making apricot pie, and I'm making my spinach/phyllo dish (which I'm feeling kinda ambivalent about, because although I love it, I think of it as an Easter dish.) CQ said her mom called about the pie and started dictating how she wanted it to be. CQ was all "Hello? If you don't want to drive the bus, then you can't decide where it's going." How does the saying go? "We add to holidays at great risk and detract at our own peril"? Something like that. Our family's traditional meal includes the usual, turkey, stuffing, cranberries. But also apricot pie and green bean casserole (see above). It used to involve "Holiday Pudding", a concoction involving lime jello, crushed pineapple, and marshmallows (Yeah, I was a child in the 60s), but none of us like it anymore. But over all, we're pretty flexible.

I'm still knitting Christmas cables. I expect to get some knitting in while waiting for Older Son's bus to pull up tonight (he called and told us he was late already).

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Celtic Queen said...

Snot Pudding! It was the marischino cherries that made it.