Thursday, March 01, 2007

Pushy, Pushy

Blogger is getting more and more pushy about forcing the upgrade. It's beginning to irritate me. It wouldn't be too bad if everyone had a great time and things went smoothly after the upgrade. I haven't seen a successful upgrade yet. I want to send them an email and tell them if they can't guarantee the product, stop shoving down my throat. So put your money where your mouth is. If it chokes, send me a check or upgrade me some more to the deluxe version for free. Hah! Like that's likely. What does a girl expect for nothing?

Here's my LL Sweater. I've opted for this version (third time's the charm, right?) to knit a seed stitch border. And my Secret Project is, well, Secret. I haven't had a chance to go stash diving for more of the yarn. I'm debating "good stuff" as well. Right now the front runners are some KnitPicks Memories and some Koigu. I really want to try this in the Koigu BUT, the Secret Project is secret because I intend it as a gift. But the only Koigu I have was some purchased while on vacation as a memento and my Spotty Koigu (not my spotty Koigu!!) Technically I could purchase more (allowed by the Knit From Your Stash 2007 Code of Conduct, Section 2.b) but I don't want to. I may have to bite the bullet and sacrifice the Spotty Koigu. (And if you know me well, you know how I am about the Spotty Yarn) I can get more, right? But who would love and appreciate its beautiful spottiness the way I do? Ok, maybe the Souvenir yarn goes. I have pictures, right? I even have Pictures of the yarn shop I bought it at. (Oooh, look there are 3 skeins on the counter. Did I buy 3 skeins? I thought I only bought 2. If there's 3 I probably have enough for a Secret Project and something else...)

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Heather said...

look there, it won't even let me comment nicely... you shoulda read the last blurb I typed!!!