Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hats Off

I've gathered some yarn and my trusty Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns in preparation for my Represent offering. A couple of guy things, a couple girl things. Anything I don't get done by next Friday I will take to Knit One or just give to Zeepo for charity gifting. I'm getting tired of my Secret Projects (wonderful though they may be.) And next weekend starts Soccer Season! Whoo hoo! A waterproof mat you can throw on the soggy ground under your blanket? We got you covered with some Plastic Grocery Store Bag yarn. Sooo, if I make this is it "new" yarn, or still "stash" yarn? I don't see this contingency covered under the Knit From Your Stash Rules of Engagement. Weigh in on the subject, and I promise I'll decide whatever I darn well want! Majority rules, right. Not in my blog, buddy. And not in my house, either, so you boys better just toe the line! Got that?? (OK, Laurie may be feeling just a teensy bit hormonal this week.)

And in other exciting and earth-shattering news I'm off work tomorrow! I had one last vacation day to use up before the end of the month, and tomorrow is the day! Good thing my co-worker reminded me this morning, or chances are I would have showed up at work tomorrow. (I'm such a creature of habit.) On the agenda are knitting, a trip to Jo-Ann's to spend a gift certificate on some yarn (before you say anything, Celtic Queen and I discussed this and it doesn't violate the Knit from Your Stash 2007 Rules because 1) I got the gift certificate as a gift, and gifts of yarn don't count and 2) I got the gift certificate for Christmas, before I started Knit from Your Stash 2007, and 3) Gift certificates are assumed gifts of yarn, they simply represent unrealized yarn) and more knitting. If you're free, and have my cell number, call me and I could maybe have coffee with you (I'll be up after 6:30 AM).


Ilix said...

That gift is totally not outside the rules! You are so right! Can't wait to see what lovelies you come home with! YAY yarn p0rn!!! LOL

Celtic Queen said...

I'm so jealous. The Celtings just suck up my days off with being sick. Darn children! :) On the plastic bag yarn, I say you're recycling something you already have in your home so it does not count as "new" in the same way that spinning fiber you already have into yarn isn't "new".