Thursday, March 08, 2007

My Personal Rule of Three

It's not the Wiccan Rule of Three, just my own Life Rule. It is this: I believe that if you (I) have the same problem in three separate situations, that you (ME!) are the one with the problem, not everyone else. So when this happens to me, I take stock, realistically look at the what's happened, try to learn my lesson and improve as a human being, and move on. I'm struggling with this now (finding the lesson part, to be exact).

Let's look at some sock yarn while we soul search, shall we? So what exactly is it about me that brings on this Vale of Tears? I try to be easy going, patient, hard working, conscientious. All I really ask in return is to be treated fairly. Am I expecting too much? I would hope not. But maybe. Maybe I'm not really suited to this environment. Maybe I'm too easy going, too dependable. Hmmmm. Lots to consider. Meanwhile, let's look at more sock yarn: (Actually, it's not all sock yarn, I stuck some Wool in the Woods I got for a pair of mittens in there too.) Well, I'll have to do more thinking, and eat more chocolate. I could possibly throw in some knitting in there somewhere as well.

And apropos of nothing at all -- I don't like french fries with pointy tips. The points over cook and get all hard and nasty. I want my french fries with nice square ends so they're crisp on the outside, but nice and soft on the inside all the way through.


hollyboc said...

I'm trying to see the problem here. The sock yarn looks ok to me. Am I missing something? Because lately I'm not totally with it myself. Is the problem that you bought the yarn and didn't do anything with it? Because if that's it, it isn't really a problem. You have the yarn for when the spirit moves you and that's a good thing. You don't have to shop. You HAVE the shop. As for the fries, I can't relate. I just love those crunchy, pointy tips. The more burnt and cruchier, the better. But it's our differences that make life interesting, right?

Heather said...

maybe the problem is thinking that there is a problem. why is it not ok to agree to disagree. not every situation is going to be suitable to every person- so what? why is it there is some thing wrong with the person that is finding a situation intolerable? there just may well be a very good reason and certain situations are often perpetuated and then thought to be acceptable by traditionalists that cannot see beyond themselves to see how the situation that they have created and perpetuated is actually the part that needs to change or at least be open to the person that keeps being berated as needing to do the changing. square pegs don't fit in round holes, but that doesn't mean that square pegs are not useful and necessary... I'd like to see that round peg filling out a square hole adequately. Seems like a certain amount of substance is lacking.