Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wound Up

I have received the measurements for my Secret Project and have started to cast-on. This is the Picot Cast-On. (Knit cast-on five stitches, bind off 2 stitches, transfer the loop from the right needle to the left, repeat.) A nice beginning, more work, but worth it. This will become my commuter knitting. The yarn is Koigu. So far I like the Knit Picks Sock Memories yarn better. I'll let you know as I progress if my opinion changes. I obviously did not get my skein wound this morning, I did it this evening with my trusty nostepinne. Maybe not as much fun as a ballwinder, but it gets the job done. I do tend to wind my balls a bit tight, though.
I've been knitting on the LL Sweater on the bus, and am almost to the end of my second skein of yarn and closing in on the underarm. I have two more skeins of this dark grey plus a partial skein, which I'm beginning to believe will be enough to complete the sleeves and the yoke. (Remember there will be patterning at the cuff an the yoke.) The bottom is still a bit flippy, but I've done a pretty fair job of convincing myself that this will block out (it's 10 rows of seed stitch, after all).

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Stephieface said...

I've always preferred Knit Picks over Koigu... but shhhh.... don't say any more- I'd hate to be excommunicated from knitting.

I had intended to comment on your losing your lids post.... carry extra lids in your purse to sacrifice to the purse gremlins.