Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Do You Think They Might Have Missed Me?

I had dinner tonight with an old friend who called last week out of the blue. So I told the guys I'd be late. Well one thing led to another and we were talking and laughing and having a great time catching up. Next thing I know it's after 9:00. I had left my cell phone in my coat in the car. So when I was dropped off at home I pulled it out to find 12 missed calls. All from home. So I called (I was walking down the street.)
Me: You called?
Dave: You're not dead?
Me: No.
Dave: Well, Older Son wants to buy something and I wanted to run it past you.
Long discussion of intended purchase with interjections from OS.
Me: I'm outside now, I'm hanging up.
I guess they missed me, but I'm not sure. So with all the merry making I did not get alot of knitting done. I'm working on the LL Sweater, and am approaching the underarms. I'm cautiously optimistic that I will have enough yarn. I have my secret measurements so I have to get to work on that tomorrow. I'm going to have to cut short my morning cleaning routine to wind the yarn, I think. What a shame!

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Patricia said...

In my opninion (yes, I realize you did not ask for it but here it is nonetheless)a cleaning routine cut short = perfect place to find time for ball winding!