Monday, March 05, 2007

Out of Sorts

I'm feeling out of sorts and mixed up today. There are several issues which I can't solve and/or fix on my own. This makes me cranky and frustrated. I'm in alot of pain, which adds to the cranky/frustrated. On top of which I'm at a crossroads and have to make some important choices. Choices are hard! Anyways, all that to say I'm not at my best. I've been having strange dreams, about people and places and times long past. I dreamt of an old boss the other night who I had completely forgotten (I still can't remember his name) which left me feeling slightly uneasy. Last night I dreamt of my mother, which always makes me sad and I wake up with that feeling of loss fresh and clear again. I'm avoiding everyone here, because of feeling so prickly (they don't do prickly here) so I'm feeling kinda lonely. Was it the lunar eclipse? The moon turning to blood probably isn't a herald of good things to come. Do you think it's the weather? March had definately come in like a lion with wild, windy, snowy unsettled weather.

Anyways, I got lots of knitting done over the weekend, but it's all secret stuff. I finished the prototype (found another skein of that yarn in the stash!) And cast on with some KnitPicks Memories in the "S'mores" colorway. I'm over half way done. If I finish I intend to "out" at knitting this Friday (at least to my knitting group).
I also did some nominal (re)knitting on the LL Sweater over the weekend as well. I've reknitted the first skein and started the second. So far so good. I've been thinking about sleeves for this sweater, and since I have nothing against my hands (they may just be my best feature) I've decided that I'm going to do some patterning at the cuff on the sleeves. Whoopee. Something to look forward to.
And finally, I tried a new cast-off. This is the picot cast off which I got from Nona who I believe got it from Nicky Epstein in Knitting on the Edge. To do it cast off 2 stitches, then *put the one stitch on the right needle back to the left needle. Knit cast-on 3 stitches, bind off 5 stitches. Repeat from * until you have cast off all your stitches. I like it, I'm just not sure it works in this application.

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