Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Still the Same

Today is much the same as yesterday. I'm still feeling unsettled and uptight, still frustrated over my inability to "fix everything". Not a whole lot of knitting -- I ended up chatting on the bus instead of putting my fingers to the grindstone. (See? Not really any smaller than yesterday.) It is bitter cold here in the 'burgh. Change is in the wind, though. In more ways than one. I'm contemplating some career changes, more about that maybe another day. And of course with spring "just around the corner", a change in the weather as well.

Think good thoughts for the Elder Celting -- he had to go the hospital (in an ambulance!) yesterday with a bad case of the croup. They didn't keep him and CQ says he's much better today. But still. I think the kid needs a warm scarf.

And finally, I don't get how people can be so mean. I was telling someone that I was worried about things and another person just walked up and essentially said "Well, those bad things should happen, you had it coming. Now let's talk about me." And no, it was not a joke.

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Patricia said...

Sorry to hear about the Mean Person. I think we almost work at the same place too...I'm in the Job Change mood as well. I have my next two Fridays booked (girls night this Friday, then my sister comes to town for St. Patrick's extravaganza 2007); when will your knitting group meet up again? You can voice all the complaints you wish and I won't tell you it was coming and change said subject to me, I promise!