Monday, March 19, 2007

Win Some, Lose Some

I got the latest edition of Vogue Knitting today. Some Winners, some Losers. Let's do the Losers first.
I'm not sure exactly what makes this one a Loser. I like the shape, and the colors. But maybe not all together. I think it's too busy, and the styling here leaves something to be desired. This sweater with a bathing suit? I think not. Check out the bottom of this next sweater. See how it doesn't match? Either their knitter screwed up big time or the pattern is really messed up. And notice it makes the model look a bit...plump? What do you think it'll do for some bigger than a size 4? Gosh. What can you say? Notice how ticked off the model looks? I think that about says it all. Umm, another "What were you thinking?" And again, the model is a board. Can you imagine this on anyone bigger than a size 2? Or with a bust? Again VK is with the almost-pasties. It's like they keep sticking them on and saying, "Well, if we move them off a bit in one direction or another, no one will notice..."

OK, I'm tired. Tomorrow we'll do the winners. Most of the stuff in here I like. (Really!)

And hey, Celtic Queen finally has her own blog! Check her out and welcome her to the blogosphere Live to Knit, Knit to Live.

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Heather said...

and did you notice that the rainbow wrap was cashmere-- for the beach?? I didn't think there was much in the way of winners in there. I am anxious to see what you liked.