Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Another Myth Busted

We tried to balance an egg on end during the Vernal Equinox. It didn't work. So there's another myth busted for you. I was kinda disappointed by this one, I had been told it worked, by people I trusted. Maybe it was the egg we picked (it was kinda pointy.)

OK, on to the Winners from the latest VK. I liked these:

And all the other lace stuff (including the cover dress -- although I see that as a tunic over a tank and leggings.) LOVED this one. Not really my personal style, but as a knitting puzzle. I might just have to knit it as a gift for a friend.
Both of these I would wear, (the red under a suit jacket). Most of the office stuff was ok (except the dress), but not something I could wear at my size. But again, if I was looking for gifts to knit friends, definately some potential there. And most of the baby stuff was cute (the jacket is retro-perfect, imnsho) with the exception of the Annie Modesitt onesie. She talks about babies being "helpless models" -- with this number they're more like "helpless victims."
Major fug going on there.


Celtic Queen said...

I thought that baby thing was ugly too. Made me think of that hat we saw in the Patternworks catalog (Cutie Patootie?) which looked like it escaped from Munchkinland.

Patricia said...

I was scared to see if you had called the dress ugly, but you didn't! It was one of my favorites. Maybe I don't have the most awful taste in the world after all...I love your idea of making it a tunic over leggings too (which I just bought yesterday, my first pair since like, 1984). If only I had a baby to make wear that jumpsuit... (no seriously, that would just be child cruelty and warrant CYF knicking on the door).