Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Back Again

Back to back blog posts! How can you stand the excitement? Especially since the sum total of my knitting since yesterday has been 5 rounds on this sock. Boggles the mind. I did do a bit of shopping at the yarn store today (What? I had to kill time while I was waiting to hear that Dave had managed to find Older Son in Oakland) but it's Secret Stuff, so I can't show it here. I did manage to talk myself out of spending $160 on Fiesta Yarn's Watermark for a sweater (and that was at 20% off!). It would have made a beautiful sweater, but the yarn is not light weight, and it's definately not next to the skin soft. The decision was made when I thought, this is going to be a heavy sweater I have to wear a turtleneck under. How often would I really wear it? Yeah. Maybe if I lived in Alaska.

OS is now registered for classes this fall at Pitt, he has only to attend Orientation at the end of the month. Dave was to pick him up after his faculty advisor's meeting. Turns out that as OS exited from one side of the building to await Dave, Dave entered on the other side and proceeded up to the advisor's office to wait for OS. So it took them awhile to get it together. Guys. In other news, I've finally turned on the AC in my bedroom. Younger Son and I are lolling on the bed and enjoying the comfortable coolness. YS is even willing to read a book (the condition of his entry to my room) to get in.

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