Thursday, August 23, 2007

In the Pink

Still not alot of knitting going on currently chez G. Therefore I will entertain you with pictures of more birthday gifts.
The pictures are of the yarn Celtic Queen got me for my birthday. She ransomed the Younger Celting with them this past weekend. The top is Socks That Rock Silkie in the "Walking on the Wild Tide" colorway. I admired it when CQ got it in her Sock Club so she gifted me with it! And also from Blue Moon is the lace weight in the yummy neutrals I love. (Looking at it I'm inspired to make a November shawl. The colors make me think of bare trees in November after all the leaves have fallen.) She was waiting for the lace weight to arrive to give me the gift. She wanted to get the lace weight because she figured I wouldn't make something for the guys out of it. And the Silkie had a bit too much pink for the guys. I have to tell you, growing up I was never a fan of the pink. I was too much of a tomboy (climbing trees, riding bikes, and hiking in the woods) and a bookworm to be really into the pinkness. Too girlie for me. But living in a house with three guys convinced me. Gotta love the pink. GREAT way to keep the guys off my stuff. My toothbrush is pink, my hairbrush is pink, my slippers are pink, my favorite cup is pink. Pink is the color for me. And there can be no feigned cluelessness. "This is yours? I didn't know."

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Heather said...

be careful... they may begin to rationalize that pink is just "light red" and then nothing will be safe... oh, and happy birthday, again!