Thursday, August 02, 2007

Three Bags Full

I've been yarn shopping three times this week. Alot of it was secret stuff, but I did buy some things here and there just for me. (Spotty Alpaca yarn!) And, I placed two catalog orders over the weekend. I haven't been going out to lunch at the new job. More $$ + $$ Saved = More yarn!!

I went to the knitting group at Bloomin Yarns for the first time tonight. I had a good time. (And bought more yarn! Spotty Alpaca!) Celtic Queen showed up with her Peapod Revisited (which is way more beautiful in real life than the pic). She sold me on it -- I'm going to make one in the same yarn for a friend who just found out she is expecting. IMNSHO, it's just about the perfect gender neutral baby sweater. CQ also showed off her humongus MS3. I'd better check on the Celtings because I'm sure they've been neglected so their mom could knit on her shawl. My own shawl, meanwhile, remains a demure genteel size.

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Celtic Queen said...

Unlike your own offspring, mine know how to feed themselves when mom is totally distracted by yarn. I've even got them trained to offer me food. :)