Wednesday, August 08, 2007


With the help of my new knitting aids I've knit 6 more rows on MS3! You can see how much bigger it is. And, as I predicted, my lost row counter showed up this morning. I just looked down while I was getting ready this morning and there it was, laying in the middle of the floor. The elves must have put there. I hope to get more MS3 done tomorrow when I take my dad to see his doctor. (Think good thoughts!) I have to say I'm not loving the knitting of MS3. I want a pattern with a rhythm I can get into for zoned out knitting. This having to follow along on a chart is a bit wearing for me. I wouldn't say it was difficult, it's just more effort than I normally put into my knitting.

Oh, this has been a long week already and it's only Wednesday! I cannot wait until Friday and knitting. I may sneak over to Bloomin Yarns tomorrow after I drop my dad off, if I feel up to it. But then I'll be tempted to buy more yarn. Who am I kidding, I will buy more yarn!

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Rani said...

Starting the MS3 . . . how very exciting!!

Hope your dad is well!