Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Small Miracles

Hardly any knitting done today. I had a pretty stressful day all the way around. These stitch markers were made by Carly for me for my birthday. And since I got them I've seen two dragonflies!
Anyways, during my bad day today I prayed for some things to work out and you know what? They did. Which got me thinking about small miracles. Answers to little prayers in our everyday lives. Have you ever experienced a small miracle? I believe they happen all the time. When I was much younger, I believed that God didn't really answer prayers, or if he did, it was only in a vague, disconnected kind of way. Miracles were only for big things (if then) and didn't really happen very often (almost never). Belief was a matter of faith, and faith alone. But then I actually read the Bible. And you know what? God rewards faith with...Miracles! And furthermore, God answers prayers. He doesn't always give us everything we ask (I don't give my kids everything they ask for either) but He does it alot. In fact, miracles are the most common way He gets our attention and builds our faith. Always have been. So the next time you hit a snag in your life, try a little prayer. You could be surprised.
This yarn was another gift from Heather. (She has a hat on her blog today knit from some yarn dyed the same day.) I'm up in the air about what to make with this yarn -- I love it and want something I'll use all the time. Socks or fingerless gloves. Maybe both.

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Heather said...

I am glad that you are seeing the hand of God in your life. I would be lost without Him. I am also glad that you have such beautiful stitch markers and yarn to go with! I cannot wait to see that yarn knit up... sooo prety... and SPECKLED!! small joys keep us going:) Hope the rest of your week is better. See you Friday!