Friday, August 03, 2007

The Postman Always Rings Twice

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I placed two catalog orders this week as well as shopping at the local yarn stores three times. Both of my orders have been delivered. The first was just some more 8/2 cotton for socks and some fiber reactive dye (I have a ton of cotton/hemp yarn in natural begging for some color). Not really picture worthy. But this stuff.... Oh yeah, Baby! There's the Lost Lake Heather lace weight yarn for the Leafy Heather shawl swatching. The Knit Picks sock needle set. I'm totally excited about using the 2.25mm needles for socks. I'm a real fanatic about tight sock gauge. I can hardly wait to dig into the Selbuvotter book. I'm planning on having it as my bedtime reading all week. Knitting mittens is, after all, my Super Power. Meanwhile, Celtic Queen continues to knit circles around me. I think she's invented some kind of time/space warp. This would explain how she has now caught up to me in age even though she was born nine years after me. CQ and I were both caught in the same traffic jam last night after leaving knitting. We were talking on our cell phones (I called to warn her about the traffic jam so she could go another way but was too late) and waving out our car windows at each other. The car full of teenage girls behind me didn't know what to think of us.


Celtic Queen said...

Perhaps my super power is to knit quickly.

Heather said...

NICE!! quite a haul for one week! I cannnnnnnoooooot wait to see the swatches for leafy heather!!!