Thursday, August 16, 2007

Quality Time

After an exhausting day at the office spent holding down my chair, I was too tired to do much of anything (I was too tired to cook dinner, Dave picked up something on the way home. He had to stop and get milk. Again.) I didn't even want to go to knitting at Bloomin Yarns. So I spent some quality time at home with MS3 this evening, and made excellent progress. I'm very pleased with my work so far, the knitting is going much smoother. If I can put in the same amount of time tomorrow evening I should be back to where I was before I ripped. We'll call that a "swatch". If my counter curse is working, Celtic Queen will have to rip back (she's using life lines so it's not that bad) any time now, and will begin to feel a bit of indifference toward her stole. And in other knitting news, still working on plain ribbed socks and I didn't have to use my knitting needles to break into my office today, but I was prepared.

We had thunder storms here last night. Several systems went through. They were spaced just far enough apart for me to barely drift off to sleep before I was woken up by thunder and lightening (again). I'm pretty tired. Spent some quality time with the guys, too. While I was sitting in bed knitting MS3 both boys came in and sat on the bed, too. Older Son to use the laptop, and Younger Son to read (I think because it's coolest in here). Dave walked by on his way out the door to choir practice and asked "Why are you all sitting on the bed?" I said we were just chillin'. He just shook his head and left.


Tanya said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Sometimes I think Japan isn't really that different from the American culture I know, but when I start writing I can find interesting things to share.
You get thunder and lightning? Our part of Japan really gets a lot this time of year and though the kids don't join me in bed anymore, the cats sure do!

Celtic Queen said...

Well I'm starting on clue 5. HA!