Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Knitting to the Rescue!

I finished the first of my latest Travelling Socks (nothing fancy, just plain old ribbed socks knit in a cotton/wool blend yarn) on the way into work this morning and then immediately cast on for the second. BUT, when I arrived at work I found my office door was locked! No, I don't have a key. I found my boss and asked her if she was trying to tell me something (she looked kind of panicked and insisted she wasn't). Apparently no one had a key, though, and she said building maintenance wouldn't be in for awhile. One size 1 dpn to the rescue! Once I looked at it I saw it was the kind of lock that just has a hole, not a key. So I whipped out my needle and was able to pop it open. Everyone was impressed with my lock picking skill (it was all those times my sisters locked me out of the bathroom when we were teenagers!) and that I had the perfect implement on hand.

Dave and I went out to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory tonight. I'm stuffed, and I only ate half my salad (but most of my cheesecake!). Then we wandered around the bookstore for a bit. I was unable to locate any knitting books, even though this was the store that hosted Yarn Harlot's latest book signing. You'd think they'd have figured out the knitting market. Whatever. I was tempted by the latest issue of Craft magazine, but ended up not buying it. I'm really beginning to develop a burning desire to learn how to sew. Really sew. I think I'm going to have to dig out my old portable machine and get it cleaned and oiled and get me some stuff to experiment with. Goodwill here I come!

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Teen Knit Rock said...

LOVE the Cheesecake Factory- What kind did you get?!? My fav is the Oreo one :)