Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I'm Serious

I decided it was time to get serious about MS3. (I admit Celtic Queen made me feel guilty). So I took a page from her book and got some supplies. This was supposed to just be a few errands, it wouldn't take long (I had to get milk, too. Younger Son has been drinking approximately a half gallon a day). I was gone for two and a half hours. Couldn't find stuff at the store I was at, then the register went down at another store so I had to wait until someone got it fixed. I had to talk myself out of buying yarn to make Heather socks. It was green (both -- I considered two different socks). But it was cotton, and I know Heather doesn't enjoy knitting with cotton, and I've got too much else on my plate right now (see yesterday's post) to be knitting socks for someone else (especially when I'm unsure of the reception, we'll have to talk.) Maybe Mrs. Claus has a few spare minutes. Anyways, I got my stuff(and the milk) home and in just a few minutes --

I'm good to go. My row is all highlighted, I have a new row counter (I lost the last one when I threw MS3 aside. Now that I've replaced it I've guaranteed I'll find it tomorrow.) and my pattern is all protected. And look! Just flip the page over
and I have the second side of the pattern. I feel so organized. I'll really be able to go like wild! Now I'm exhausted, I think I need to go to bed.

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