Monday, August 20, 2007

A Little of This, A Bit of That...

Not much going on in the knitting front. I'm working on these Cotton Cable Socks which will be for one of the guys (we'll see whose foot they fit around). They're ok, but hard on the hands. I'm using my new Knit Picks sock needles which are a bit of a disappointment -- they are apparently about an inch too short for my big hands, and the needle point just catches me on the edge of my right hand while I'm knitting. I prefer my Inox needles. (Also available in a 2.25 mm size, but in a more comfy 8" length.) I got in only two (2!) rows on MS3 this weekend. I had to take Older Son to Pitt (we saw Steven on the bus. He really does have one big cast thing on his hand. He says it's not as bad as it looks, and I hope so! Best wishes for a speedy recovery.) We spent the day wandering around and getting OS's text books (almost $500 for books!). OS got familiarized with the bus routes and we got his books so I consider the day a success. But walking around wore me out! Saturday evening Dave and I went to dinner and a movie with friends, while the Younger Celting came and spent the night with the guys. (Hopefully they didn't teach him too many bad habits.) Hard to tell if he enjoyed himself. He's more reserved than his brother, but he seemed to enjoy playing Uno with Younger Son. Anyways, Older Son was "in charge", and between the two of us we worried enough for a half dozen people. Younger Celting woke up (briefly) at 5 AM, which woke up Older Son, who woke up me. I checked on YC who was fine (he told me he wasn't cold even though his mom didn't pack him a shirt) and who promptly rolled over and went back to sleep. OS and I however were up for the duration. Then Sunday evening we spent at my dad's celebrating his 86th birthday. Yippee, cake and ice cream! So all in all a busy weekend, but not much time for knitting (just a bit of sock knitting on the bus.)

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